Friday, November 15, 2013

Authors here, authors there! Authors, authors everywhere!

Did you know that we love writing at Star Academy? And reading? This week, we are celebrating authors! Here are a few examples of some fabulous publishing by Star Academy students and teachers! We are also looking forward to having author Erin Dealey visit our school next Friday!

Akshaj, a third grader in Ms. Fraser's class, shares his story "Super Mouse" at the North Natomas Library! Here is a video of the event and some pictures!

Mrs. Torres was featured as a  guest blogger on GoNoodle.com! Check out her  complete post here! The introduction from the blog is posted below.

From GoNoodle.com: Julie Torres’ 2nd grade students shared what they thought about GoNoodle brain breaks, and Julie put their responses into this clever wordle. The biggest words show that several students used that word to describe GoNoodle (love, exercise, helps, fun!). Below, Julie also shares how GoNoodle has helped the adoption of rigorous Common Core Standards to be more manageable for her and her students.

Here's a video showing Mrs. Torres' students in action!

Mrs. Luhrsen's first grade class has a new blog: Adventures in First Grade! Check it out at http://luhrsenlounge.blogspot.com/ and leave a comment! Here's a screenshot of their latest post!

Finally, we are so excited that Erin Dealey is coming to Star Academy. Here is her book trailer for Deck the Walls! Enjoy! Our assembly is at 10:15 Friday November 22nd. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

We are bucket fillers!

How full is your bucket?

          You may have heard your child talking about being a bucket filler or a bucket dipper this week. Maybe they have mentioned Caught Ya's? We have been working hard this month on building a happy and positive school environment using the book "How Full is Your Bucket?" by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. Some classrooms were already using the bucket filling and bucket dipping vocabulary. We are excited to be having this common language school-wide! Take a look at the video below to find out more about being a bucket filler.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Star Academy News- Our NEW School Blog!

Dear Star Academy Families,
         This year we have ben working hard to find the best way to communicate with you about what's happening at Star Academy: upcoming events, spirit days, early release days and more. We've also been looking for a way to share and celebrate student learning with you. Sometimes, that might be with pictures, a video, or just a quick article. There are so many awesome things that our students are doing, and sharing them through a pdf file or paper newsletter sometimes doesn't capture the magic!
          This past weekend, Joe Wood sent me a message reminding me that our colleague Linda Yollis (a third grade teacher in Southern California) celebrates Family Blogging month each November. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off in my head. A blog! That's what we need! It's the perfect way to share news with families and it also has the capability of being interactive! We can add videos, photos, links, and more. And families can comment. We are very excited to introduce the Star Academy News blog! Over the next few weeks, you will notice new additions to this blog: photos, a globe to show visits to our blog, and in Janauary we'll be kicking off our own Family Blogging Month too! We will still utilize our Star Academy website for announcements, lunch menus, and usual school business items. This blog will be used for publishing the monthly Star Academy newsletter and sharing exciting things that are happening at school. Hopefully, with this blog, our Remind 101 text messaging, the Star Facebook page, and our Connect-Ed emails, you will be well informed!
           We are very excited to be able to share with you. Happy November!

Jennifer Kloczko