Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Break By Zachary

During Thanksgiving break, I went to Colusa National Wildlife Refuge. We were at the Refuge for almost 2 1/2 hours!!
We saw a lot of birds... especially geese. We did an auto tour which means we did this tour in our car. It winded all around the wildlife. We saw a lot of Cranes.

Image result for sandhill crane                                 
sandhill cranes

After we finished the auto tour, we parked our car and went on a trail. We were hoping to see a Bald Eagle because, some people spotted a family of Bald Eagles earlier that morning but we didn't see one. As we were walking along the trail, we came across an injured Turkey Vulture, it thought we were trying to attack it. It tried to fly but its wing was injured!! I couldn't believe my eyes! It eventually got off the trail, and we left it alone. 

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There were also a ton of Ducks and Geese.
We went a little farther when we came to the end of the trail. We went back to the start, and got in our car and went to Taco Bell.
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That was my trip to the Colusa National Wildlife Refuge!!

                                                                                                                                                                    By: Zachary, 3rd Grader

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall Break Adventures By Jessica

It was the 3rd day of fall break and my mom and I went to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery to meet up with Mrs. Kloczko. She’s the principal of Star Academy. The reason we met up there is because there’s a trail next to the hatchery called the American River Trail. Mrs. Kloczko invited us to take a walk with her. Mrs. Kloczko told me a lot of things along the way. She told me that bobcats and mountain lions live there because she saw one once when she walked there at a different time. I was hoping to see a bobcat or a mountain lion, but all I got to see were gray and brown squirrels. She told me about a few plants too. She told me about tree called a buckeye tree. I got a buckeye seed from the tree. They grow in pods. I named my seed Tony. I asked her if buckeyes were edible because my mom said they look like chestnuts so she searched on Safari and found out that they were toxic to animals. My mom made me throw away Tony after we got home because she didn’t want anything poisonous in the house. Mrs. Kloczko also told me about the mistletoe tree. She said it’s the same thing that they use during Christmas to hang over people to make them kiss. We saw a lot of oak trees and a tree with something called pepperberries. When I smelled them, they smelled like pepper, as in the seasoning. She talked about wild blackberries and wild grapes that grow there but they only come around at a certain time. We got to see different sizes and types of pine cones. She also showed me what poison oak looks like. Mrs. Kloczko said that Miss Kloczko her daughter and a 1st grade teacher at my school got poison oak one time and she was itchy for a few weeks. Mrs. Kloczko told me about the piles of river rocks. She said they came from the river in the gold rush days in the 1890’s when miners were searching for gold. We saw the remains of a mouse which she said might have been eaten by a bobcat. We ended up walking a total of 7 miles or 17,500 steps.

Mrs. Kloczko and me
Buckeye pods
Oak Tree
Me picking pepperberries
Pepperberry Tree
Poison Oak
Pine Cone
A picture of my mom and I taken by Mrs. Kloczko
After our walk, we went to the Nimbus Hatchery to feed the salmon. You could pay $0.25 to get fish food to feed them. When I threw in the food, the fish would leap out of the water. I thought it was exciting because I love fish.

After feeding the fish, we said goodbye to Mrs. Kloczko because she had to go Thanksgiving grocery shopping. I was really hungry so my mom and I went to Red Hawk Casino to eat at their buffet. I had 3 plates of food.

After we finished lunch, we wanted to go buy some apples at Apple Hill. But we were in for a big surprise because when we got there, it was snowing! Everything was covered in blankets of snow! My mom said I could go play in it. I made snow angels, and made snowballs and threw them at my mom. I also made a small snowman. We never did buy any apples because we got too cold and wanted to go home.

I fell asleep as we drove home because I was so tired but it was a fun adventure that I would like to do again.