Thursday, December 10, 2015

Star Academy's Akshaj appointed Editor at Amazing Kids Magazine!

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Hi everyone, I am Akshaj Mehta in Ms. Rohrbacker’s 5th grade class, I have an exciting news to share with you all! I have been appointed as an Editor - Sci-Fi Kids column of an online Kids Magazine “Amazing Kids”. I am one of the youngest on the Editorial Team. Oh, by the way, this magazine is all run by kids, which I think is fascinating :)

Couples of my Stories and Essays have been published in this magazine in the year 2014 and 2015.

It does feel great to have my first job :) I do not get paid in cash but I do get paid in kind which means, I get to read articles/ stories/ essays and reviews written by kids from all across the world.

As an Editor, I have to review the articles sent to me every month and if there is no submission, then I need to always have a story / article ready according to the theme of the Month.

My first assignment was to review an Article submitted by a young writer from Pakistan, who is spreading awareness on the disease called “Vitiligo”

Vitiligo is a skin disease which occurs due to disorder in skin pigments. In this disease the cells
that make pigment in the skin are damaged. Due to disorder in skin pigmentation, white patches
start appearing on the skin in different parts of the body. Patches also show inside of the mouth, nose and the retina. Vitiligo could be also be hereditary. The disease can affects all races and genders but it is more visible in people with darker skin.

For February the theme is Family Matters. If you have any stories please send it to me at mehtaakshaj@gmail.com

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Nature Walk by Jessica

On Saturday, my parents and I decided to go for a walk at Ancil Hoffman Park and visit the Effie Yeaw Nature Center.  It is the same park and nature center that my classmates and I had a field trip to in 1st grade.  I didn’t remember very much of it at first, but after seeing parts of it, I started to remember.



The first thing we saw when we arrived was a Maidu Tribe exhibit.  We learned about the Maidu Tribe this school year.  We saw huts and what they called their kitchen.  The kitchen was actually just a hole in the ground that they put rocks around and started fires in to cook.  It is a replica of what a Maidu village looks like.  There was also a butterfly garden but there were no butterflies because it is the middle of winter and all of the plants and flowers were dead.



After we did that, we got on the Main Trail.  All we saw on the Main Trail were oak trees and squirrels.  We then went on the River Trail.  The path was covered in river rocks and my mom suggested that these were also dredged up from the river since it was right next to the American River which is the same river we were walking along when we went on My Fall Adventures with Mrs. Kloczko.  There, we saw ducks and an egret.   The sound of the river was tranquil.  I sat down and relaxed on the bench near the river for a little while.


After the River Trail, we went on the Pond Trail.  At the end of the trail, there was a disgusting pond.  It was covered in algae, looked frothy and the water wasn’t even moving.  It smelled like rotten eggs, fish and, poop.  It’s called the Nature Study Pond but all I saw there were ducks.


Next we went on the Meadow Trail.  On that trail we got to see deer.  There were does which are female deer, bucks which are male deer and, fawns which are baby deer.   They were very quiet and made no noise at all.  We were able to get very close but they weren’t scared of us.  We walked by them 3 times and took lots of pictures.




On this trail, we also got to experience the sights and sounds of woodpeckers.  They peck holes into trees to slurp the sap and to eat the insects that get caught in the sap.  They were on a single tree.  My guess why they were crowded around that one tree is because it’s leafless and tall so that they are safe from anything that can harm them and that they have lots of room to peck holes.  Their pecking sounded like hammers hitting wood.


We went back on the Main Trail and headed back toward the nature center.  There was also another trail called the Natoma Trail that we didn’t go on because we were worried that the nature center would close if we went on another trail.
When we got to the nature center, there were live snakes, toads, lizards, frogs and, birds.  They were inside glass cages so I wasn’t able to touch them and they weren’t able to get out.  There were also exhibits in a different room that had taxidermied animals.  Taxidermied means that they became dead but were preserved and then stuffed.  There was one exhibit that showed a desert habitat with taxidermied desert animals like a kit fox, a tortoise, a butterfly and moth, a lizard and a kangaroo rat.  There was a taxidermied woodchuck and sea otter.  I also got to touch the fur of a coyote and muskrat.  The coyote fur felt stiff like bristles on a toothbrush.  The muskrat fur felt very soft like one of my stuffed animals.  There was also the shedded skin of a snake which feels smooth and is not bumpy.  It looked like thin, cloudy plastic.  I also got to see the jaw and teeth of salmon.  One of the nature center employees told me that all of these animals could be found in the park or river.
After the nature center, we went on another trail called the Bluff Trail.  Where the trail started, there was a thin cross section of a tree trunk.  Here is a picture of my dad and I with the part of the tree trunk so you could see how big it is.


On the Bluff Trail, we saw more deers, woodpeckers and, turkeys.  There was one buck that had a single antler on his head and the other one dangling by a thread on the side of his head.  The nature center employees call him a unicorn.  On this trail, we also got to see a bunch of turkeys.  They had feathers hanging from their chest area.  My mom looked it up and found out that it’s called a turkey beard.  They make weird clicking noises and get scared easily.  I found out that turkeys don’t actually say gobble-gobble.  That’s just what people think.



The last thing we did was go to the picnic area.  I stood on tree stumps that my mom said looked like a table and chairs and a giant boulder.


I really enjoyed this nature walk because I got to see many different animals.  


Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Thanksgiving Break by Jonas

First I went with my family to Lake Tahoe. It was fun but
freezing cold. We also went to San Francisco. I got to see
the 49ers game. My favorite game is Lego Batman. I beat the game. I have a Wii and a Wii U and an X Box 1. We also have a swimming pool with a hot tub. Last night our pool froze. There was ice in the pool, big chunks. And I got to see
the Good Dinosaur. It was sad.

By Jonas, 3rd grade student

What I Like About School by Nicholas

What I Like About School
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Illustration of a pencil
What i like about school is all the activities we do and all of the things we learn like: the aquatic biome, the seahorse  a.k.a the hippocampus and much other things. the other things I like are reading and writing they are very quiet unless you are reading out loud. Also I like recess and my friends that I can play with and have fun with I play ball tag it is simple you just have to throw the ball at any people that are playing and they are it. today at recess I made this really cool trick shot. I threw the ball at someone and missed but it hit a pole and came back to me. I caught it and threw it at the person and got him, and my friends cheered. I was so happy for myself and also one of my other friends tried to do it, but he failed. I also have a sister that goes here. she goes to kinder. she learns and has fun with her friends at recess and when I call her outside she never ever comes and says hi to me and my friends. but at the end of school she said she did hear me, but if she did she would say hi to me and my friends and I said “ you did not hear me if you did you would come and say hi to me and my friends!”
We also have buddy benches so when someone needs a friend they sit on it and eventually they find a friend.

By Nicholas 3rd grader