Monday, April 25, 2016

My Story: Samantha Lucky #anxiety #ADHD

What were the signs that prompted you to look into it?
ADHD - I was very active in school when I was younger. I was always getting into trouble because I could not sit still. I would always ask questions that were "outside" of the box. I had old school teachers in elementary school. A teacher suggested, more than once, that I should have been on medication. I did not make friends easily, I always felt left out. I also needed to be challenged in school to stay engaged. I was easily distracted, and my mind moves at a very quick pace. I also forget easily.

Anxiety - I have always had anxiety. But I never knew what it was. I always thought it was normal. I would always second guess myself, wondered what others thought, questioned myself, and was afraid of my environment. I was experiencing a lot of life changes in a small amount of time; graduating college, moving back home, moving in with my boyfriend, finding a job, finding a full time job, and adjusting to that new job. The anxiety was LIFE CRIPPLING at one point. I considered suicide to provide relief. I was living minute by minute, I was miserable, and unstable.

What kinds of treatments have you tried? Were they successful?
ADHD - Nothing. I was not put on medication when I was a child. I am VERY thankful that my parents did not do that. As an adult I have learned how to cope with my ADHD without the help of medication. To cope I exercise, read, complete puzzles and try to stay busy.

Anxiety - Therapy! I have had tremendous success with therapy. It was worked wonders being able to talk to someone who was not in my life on a regular basis. I have been able to work through issues that I have been experiencing. I have had 3 different therapists. I started with one though my medical insurance, we did not fit well together. So I moved on to another, I loved her, but I had to change when I moved from the area. Now I am with a therapist who I love, and I have been seeing her for 9 months.

What kinds of changes have you seen since starting treatment?

I have tremendously improved! I have been able to experience life without feeling afraid all the time.

What has been your biggest struggle?
Having small relapses and feeling like I am going to go back to where I was.

What has this experience taught you?
That I am much stronger than I think. I let go of the small stuff and focus on the big things :)

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