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November 18-28 #thankful #edufreeze

EDUFREEZE? What's that you say? It's a fun challenge based on mannequin challenges sweeping the country! This past week, schools across the country have been taking the #EDUFREEZE challenge and filming kids frozen in time. Check out this blog post by Brad Gustafson about the #edufreeze at his school and a few videos below. Are you ready to take the #edufreeze challenge with your friends and family? All you have to do is be frozen! Check out the video from our school (thanks Ms.Sjol & Mr. Vue!) And check out some of the other videos from across the country below! The first video is an entire school :) For a bonus challenge? Post your video to Twitter or our Star Facebook group and add the #edufreeze hashtag along with #ncsstar #ncsinnovate. Have FUN!

November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break  (BASE open Nov 21 and 22 at the Del Paso Campus, closed                                  Nov 23-25
December 8         Family Writing Night! 
Dec 22-Jan 2       Winter Break
January 13           Winter Festival 
January 16           No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 17           PFAA/Leading Edge 6th Grade Informational night at Star
January 23           No School- NCS-wide Professional Learning Day
January 23-27      Great Kindness Challenge
February 1           Global School Play Day!
February 3           5th grade field trip to PFAA and Leading Edge
February 6          Minimum Day- Star Academy only
February 9          Star Parent Meeting & Family Learning Night
February 16        Family Dance
February 17& 20 No School- Lincoln and Washington Birthday
March 9-10         4th grade to Coloma!
March 11            PFAA MS auditions
March 13            No School- NCS- wide Professional Learning Day
April  TBA         STEM Night 5:00-6:00 followed by Stars Parent Meeting at 6:00
April 10-17         Spring Break
April 28               Minimum Day Star only
May 2-5              Teacher Appreciation Week
May 11                Family Writing Night 5:00-6:00 followed by Stars Parent Meeting at 6:00
May 25                Minimum Day- Open House
May 26                Minimum Day- NCS- wide Professional Learning 
May 29                No School- Memorial Day
June 9                  Last day of school! Minimum Day Star only-- Family Fun Day & Picnic!

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What are we learning? At Star Academy, we love to read and learn! Right now, many of our teachers and staff are reading and discussing books about a variety of topics -- you might enjoy reading along with us! Here are a few that we are reading right now:

This one is only $1.99 on Kindle right now! Amazon link

Amazon link

All of our teachers have read The Book Whisperer! 
That book has inspired our reading philosophy at Star! 
Reading in the Wild is the second book by Donalyn Miller. Both are amazing! 

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